This website is a portal to the data, publications and photographs collected by the Portobello Marine Laboratory (PML).

Some information is not yet available online, but we are working on it! If you spot a mistake or have a question, please send us an email. Comments on the site or offers of assistance are welcome.

Reference Collection

The Reference Collection database contains information about preserved specimens held at PML. This collection consists of over 2000 jars, boxes and slides, each containing preserved specimens of marine species, many of which have been identified by taxonomic experts. We have specimens dating from the early 1950s to last year, from Auckland to the Chatham Islands to Fiordland, and from the deep sea to the splash zone.

Batham's Cards

The Card collection was established by Dr Elizabeth (Betty) J. Batham (Director from 1951 to 1974), to keep track of the many species found as she described the marine habitats of southern New Zealand. The cards often include identification notes for each species, and information on species distribution, abundance, and biology. Dr Batham was meticulous in her production of these cards, and she illustrated many of them in pencil, water colour, or with black and white photographs.

Over 2000 cards have been digitised for this website. Many of the species names are now out of date, and work is continuing to update synonyms and higher taxonomic levels, so that only some cards are available here at the moment.


This section lists the titles, and in some cases abstracts, of student theses from Marine Science and other theses based at Portobello. For full Marine Science research publications, see http://www.otago.ac.nz/researchpublications


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